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Esunis Builders, LTD
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Esunis Builders has been blessed with many compliments from finished project by client's , throughout the years.  There are a few compliments that have been treasured throughout the years, but not enough space for all. 
 Here are just a few comments.

  Mar 2014

‘Bill , want to thank you for all the marvelous work you and your team did..I cannot believe it is the same house.” 
Cathy Heieie.

   Apr  2012

“ Bill, I have shown our condo to quite a few owner’s are going to get a few calls to remodel their units.    
I am so grateful of your work.” 
~Cindy Fuog. 
   OCT 2010
   “Bill, I have to tell you something.  You are the best contractor we have ever dealt with.  
Don’’t get me wrong, we have done many a project in California…
..and have come to know quite a few good contractor’s…but you are the best!” ~
 Sue Harris.

   June 2008

" Everyone we show our unit to is majorly impressed.” ~ 
Dave Palmer.


  “I know you did work for my wife's ex-husband, but I am glad I went with you…..we love the sunroom.”
~ Bob Snell


   “ Bill. The FAA came out a week ago and did the runway height certification check on our home.   You ain’t going to believe this…….you  passed!   I thought the roof was going to be a problem….we asked you design and  build the house as high as you could for our high ceilings inside, But the thing that came within ½”was the chimney.”
Ken Morris.

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