Esunis Builders LTD
Kihei, Maui, 96753
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Esunis Builders, LTD
Designer, Builder and Remodeler of Fine Custom Homes

Get to know Esunis Builders

Established in 1987, Esunis Builders originated in the Northwest Illinois and Wisconsin areas as a Custom Designer & Builder of Luxurious Custom Homes which include many: sprawling castle-like fantasy homes to eco-friendly modern homes and comfortable, efficient ranch style homes. Integrating artistry with practicality, a large variety of remodels & additions for both residential clients as well as commercial projects which include: store remodels, airport offices and church additions. Esunis Builders offers a broad scale of experience and confidence within the client & contractor relationship.  

Within a few visits to Maui, the natural island's beauty combined with the architecture possibilities motivated Bill Esunis to a new business challenge and opportunity to apply almost 30 years of experience to a new culture, of which included different state laws, codes and ideals.

As President of Esunis Builders, Bill Esunis is an insured and licensed contractor,  both registered & bonded within the state of Hawaii. Many current clients often reside on the mainland, to which Esunis Builders insures to make the construction processes simple, reliable, and as expected.

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