Esunis Builders LTD
Kihei, Maui, 96753
(808) 344 - 3586


Esunis Builders, LTD
Designer, Builder and Remodeler of Fine Custom Homes

Residential & Commercial

Over a Decade, Esunis Builders has Designed, Built and Improved the Hawaiian Homes & Condominiums with the Greatest Professional Craftsmanship known to Maui. Incorporating Maui's energy into amazing masterpieces and with  the highest quality building & remodeling guaranteed, Esunis Builders has earned a Steadfast Reputation for Excellence through Performance.

Offering Professional Design & Construction in all phases,  
Esunis Builders provides the following:
  • Excellent Quality Workmanship 
  • Proven Performance 
  • Competence & Confidence 
  • On-time Project Completion & Within Budget
As a full pledge service company, Esunis Builders strives to communicate fully with the customer to ensure your Project stays on time and budget.
A majority of the work completed by Esunis Builders throughout the years is based from client referrals, to which Bill Esunis explains that Innovative, Distinctive and Creativity with a touch of Godspeed is what we know,

"Over the years, Esunis Builders has endeavored to rise above the 
all-around performance as a Custom Builder/Remodeler.  
After almost 30 
years of clients gracious comments, I believe we have the right to say, 
I promise you will be in good hands with Esunis Builders as your contractor!"
Bill Esunis
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